Korean to help you understand Korea

Korean language can be very entertaining and a good language to study. Most people usually consider European language when it comes to studying a new language, what they do not know is how good an Asian language like Korean can be. Korean is a great way to learn about Korea and its culture due to the importance of Korea in the world political sphere.

1) Understanding the Korean culture and concepts

Korean has become very popular among people these days due to the increasing popularity of Korean songs, movies and TV shows. People are getting interested in Korea due to the exposure it is getting from all these media. Besides Korean culture itself is rich with history and intrigue, learning the Korean language can help you understand these things as well as gain more knowledge. Korean classes in Singapore a help you learn this amazing language and understand the ancient Korean culture and concepts.

2) Boosting your brain

Yes, learning a new language helps you boost your brains working ability and thinking process. There are many reasons to learn Korean language but one that can have such personal importance will be very few. We learn new languages for various reasons like job, travel or even a friend. But learning a language to help you improve yourself is a great thing; over that Korean has so much media contents that you’ll be completely entertained after learning this language. Also learning Korean can get you the respect of the Korean people, who doesn’t like a foreigner who can talk the native language.

3) Business relationships

Korean economy is the 13th largest in the world opening up lots of possibilities for jobs and businesses. Moreover Korea has the world’s largest and finest electronics companies, with huge names such as LG, Samsung and Hyundai. This opens up a huge avenue if you know Korean as these companies are based in Korea. Korean speakers are short in supply which makes anyone aspiring for a job in Korea can get it if they have the language skill.

4) Traveling and living in Korea

Korea is a wonderful country to travel to and learning Korean can help you a lot no matter how short your stay is going to be. The hold over the language helps you to communicate with your tour guide, restaurants etc or even help you go solo if that’s what you wish.

4 Best Photoshop Effects and How to Achieve Them

Editing pictures like a pro comes with years of experience, hard work and Photoshop competency. Adobe Photoshop course in Singapore offers many lessons that fine tune editing skills that are the basic requirement for professionals in the design field.

Four best Photoshop effects and achieving them

1. Turing drab into glamorous: If you believed that movie stars just look their part in movie posters, you’re mistaken. The glamorous edge is all thanks to awesome Photoshop skills. Most pictures are retouched using Spot Healing Brushes to make the skin appear blemish free and perfect. Sample All Layers option is used to continue working on the touch up work without mangling the original picture. A Mixer Brush Tool when used with a “Clean Brush after every stroke” with 20% reduced setting is used to create the god-like magazine cover-shots.

2. The dramatic blur: If can’t achieved it by with playing around with the aperture settings, Photoshop to the rescue. Choose an image and open it in Photoshop. On the Quick Mask Mode (Q) using a soft black brush draw a line where you want the effect to start. Next, move to the Channels Panel and select Create New Channel. Color the selection white. Use Cmd+D to switch the layers. Open Lens Blur Filter (Filter->Blur->Lens Blur). Select “Alpha 1” as the Depth Map. Finally select Okay to apply the effect.

3. A Cinemagraph: An effect that adds dynamic movement to a still image. A GIF (Graphics Inter changeable Format) is added into the image. This format is everywhere now. Used on Social media as memes, GIFs are fun to create. Add this to a photograph and the result is alluring and mind-boggling. The effect has gained popularity after its first ramp appearance. There are many easy tutorials that can be found online if you wish to create your own cinemagraph. The gist of which involves shooting a video of choice and overlaying it into an image using Photoshop.

4. Enriching hues: Colors can be enriched to make up for the faulty color representation. There are different techniques like the Inverted Average Blur Technique that can easily rectify the appearance of tint and color saturation. The technique involves filling an overlay layer with color and thoroughly blending it. Start by duplicating the background layer. Next choose Filter->Blur->Average to select the most prominent color in the image by considering the average percentage of the total colors. Invert the image by Ctrl+I.