Hotel Star Ratings

Luxury hotels are one of the hotels that most of us want to stay in when going on a vacation or travelling. This is a place where we could experience the best accommodation. Basically, we have hotel star ratings and people regard high starred hotels to be better than other hotels. Below, we are going to talk about hotels, star ratings, and what they actually mean. So if you are planning to travel and prefer luxury hotels, this article is for you.

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Before anything else, let us first four and five-star hotels. Nyssa Chopra will tell us the difference between the two.

What is the Difference between four- and five-star hotels?

It is quite the debatable question in the travel tourism, and hospitality industries. To make matters more confusing, not only are there multiple rating systems (Forbes, AAA, etc.), but also the standards upon which the stars are designated are completely arbitrary and they vary from country to country. I’ve had incredibly memorable experience at 4* hotels and a few sub-par experience at 5* hotels, so I view the ratings with a slight reluctance. Read more here.

            Provided above are what we actually need to know and expect when planning to book a four or a five-star hotel. However, some people don’t really know what those hotel star ratings are. That is why SARAH PASCARELLA will tell us what hotel star ratings really mean. Let us read about it in her article below.

What Do Hotel Star Ratings Really Mean?

It’s easy to get confused over the quality and value of hotel star ratings. You might see the same property listed as five stars from, four stars from Travelocity, and three from Orbitz, for example. What do the hotel star ratings even mean if they’re not consistent from website to website?

When I looked into it, there seemed to be no one-size-fits-all measurement to rate a hotel’s value, amenities, and overall potential for customer satisfaction. So I dug deeper.

David Dennis, product manager for Expedia, agreed that hotel star ratings can be confusing. “Our customer and media feedback all said hotel rankings seemed arbitrary, and that the ratings couldn’t be trusted. As such, we recently revamped our classification system to take all hotel data—amenities, media reviews, customer experience, and professional benchmarks—into a weighted average ranking.” Read more here.

Now we know what the star ratings really mean. Definitions of the different star ratings from three major travel sites are given above. There are also sample hotels and what they can offer their clients. However, many people are questioning if hotel star ratings really mean anything anymore. Claire Hu will tell us all about it.

Do hotel star ratings mean anything anymore?

Plush romantic beach holiday?

You go for a five-star place.

Budget city crash pad?

A two- or three-star joint.

Simple, right?

Not anymore.

For many travelers, user-generated online reviews have become the go-to source for information when booking hotels.

Down with love: World’s least-romantic hotels

TripAdvisor says more than 150 million reviews and opinions are posted on its pages, with 2,800 new topics added every day to the site’s forums. Read more here.

Each country has a different requirement and standard for a hotel star rating that is why when looking up in internet, we have to double check. Know what the country’s standards are before choosing a hotel. Or else, we would be ending up with wrong expectations that would make you regret.  It is good to consider hotel star ratings in choosing a hotel but we have to be careful. In in doubt, then it is better for you to for reviews about the hotels that you are considering.

Singapore Food: Your Guide to Kueh

If you are visiting Singapore or if you have recently moved here, you should know that the city-state is home to some of the best cuisine in the world. Food lovers from across the globe come to Singapore to taste the unique style of dishes that have arisen from a diverse community of different cultures. With unique teas, coffees, spices, and meats, the island has a variety of culinary treasures that are exploding with flavour. One of the more exclusive treats on the island is known as kueh. Kueh refers to a small, usually bite-sized, sweet and savoury treat that is served as a snack during the day. Many hotel restaurants in Singapore serve kueh, and you can enjoy them with a cup of tea or as afters. Here’s a guide to enjoying these tasty morsels:

Kueh tutu – Also known as putu piring, this beloved treat is celebrated as a real example of the communities that have come together to call Singapore home. The snack is served like a dumpling, and is filled with mashed peanuts that have been sweetened with brown sugar. Rice flour is used for the outer shell, and it is pressed into a tight pocket around the filling, then steamed for a short amount of time at a high temperature. Another popular version of this treat is to fill the dumpling with shredded coconut and red sugar, a sweet flavour made from ginger, and served on a deep-green pandan leaf. Some restaurants are interested in exploring new versions of kueh tutu, and now serve them with chocolate chips in the center for a special sweet-treat.

Kueh lapis – This colourful delicacy comes in two distinct ways. One way to prepare the small, rectangular treat is by cooking several different layers of thin cake and stacking them all together in a decorative fashion. Another way to experience kueh lapis is the nonya version, which is steamed and gelatinous. Both are delicious, and if you like one, you should try the other.

Pandan cake – Popular as a dessert, pandan cake is easily recognisable with its distinct green colour. Pandan is a tropical, aromatic plant that thrives in regions like Singapore, and this kueh is an all-time favourite among the locals. Pandan kaya kueh is a slight variation of this cake, and is served with layers of egg-based icing, pandan leaves, and coconut milk.

Kueh salat nonya – The local Malays refer to this as puteri salat, which roughly translates to princess salad. Rich and colourful, this cake has two layers. One layer is made with pandan and coconut kaya, and the bottom layer is made with rice. The layers are easily distinguishable, and this kueh is both green and white.

Love letters – Also known among natives as sapit, this kueh is different from the others on this list. They are made from flour, coconut milk, eggs, and sugar, and offer a crisp texture to snack on. Crunchy and cylindrical, this treat is popularly referred to as a love letter because it looks like a rolled-up letter and tastes sweet. If you are looking for something light and enjoyable, this is the perfect kueh for you.

The best way to enjoy a different country is tasting the native food, and kueh is the perfect treat after a long day in the tropical sun. With influences from Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian cultures as well as the fantastic Halal set lunches in Singapore, these delicious snacks are a great way to experience the local culture in Singapore. If you are looking for an afternoon activity or a special setting after tea, visit a hotel restaurant for some kueh. Not only are they visually striking, they are extraordinarily flavourful too.

Guidelines for a Great Business Lunch

When conducting meetings with other business people, a good business lunch is something to look forward to. It is more casual than the usual office meetings because the meeting is done outside, usually at a restaurant. However, more preparations must be done with this kind of setting. The planning stage is very important because it will contribute a lot to the flow of your meeting. There are also a lot of things to consider and remember during the course of the business lunch in singapore. That’s why if you are planning to have a business lunch with other people, this article is for you.

Beimdiek will share to us six tips for a great business lunch. Let us read the article below.

Beyond the Business Lunch: 6 Tips for a Great Lunch and Learn Presentation

Building relationships with potential clients is the foundation of a successful business. Launching directly into a sales pitch from a casual conversation just won’t do. But how can today’s busy professional maximize time and get to a pitch while still staying genuine as we meet many people each day. One tried and true method is the lunch and learn event.

Hosting a regular lunch and learn on your calendar can always give you that casual, but pointed invitation for people to learn more about what you do and how you uniquely package and deliver services. Many think this is a great idea, but immediately worry about either playing to an relatively empty house, or worse – having a full venue and no great message or program.

We offer a few tips for both such fears!

1. Consider your venue. It should be in a well-known location. This is not the time to “try something new”. When invited they should easily recognize the venue. You should consider the size as well because ambiance plays a big role in how comfortable people are. If your venue has a larger or smaller option, consider staying small. People feel their choice to come is legitimized by others’ choice to come. When you put people into closer proximity they feel the connection and are more likely to get more comfortable quickly. Read more here.

Great! Just like what I have said earlier, the preparation is really important. The choosing of the venue alone requires a lot of thinking. We must consider a lot of things such as the location of the venue, number of people attending, and such. Mitchell Holt will give us more tips on a good business lunch through her article below.

Tips on a Good Business Lunch

Business lunches are important for corporate networking, hammering out business details in a social setting and meeting prospective clients. These gatherings mean far more than a free lunch, and your etiquette is of utmost importance–your image, your company’s name and whatever deals are on the agenda are at stake. Whether hosting or attending a business lunch, you can directly contribute to making the gathering a good one.


Most business lunches take place during a work day, so chances are, you’re already in business attire. However, before going to the gathering, it’s important to gauge how dressed up your clients will be. Your company might not be as dressy as your clients. In this case, bring a change of clothes–probably a suit–and change before lunch. If you are under-dressed, your clients will notice. The key is to not stand out in a negative way, and being under-dressed is a negative thing. Read more here.

Of course, one of the main purposes of your meeting is to impress your business associates. That is why your attire alone must be appropriate. You should be looking good and confident as well. Another thing to consider is your social skills. You must be good at it. It is one thing that impresses people.

Lahle Wolfe will help us with this by sharing to us some essential business lunch etiquettes and restaurant skills.

Essential Business Lunch Etiquette: Restaurant Social Skills to Impress Your Business Associates

Many business professionals hold meetings during lunch or dinner time with staff, clients, investors, or other business professionals. What if your meeting seems to be hindered by bad restaurant service? Should you complain? The answer is yes, always, but with diplomacy.

Proper restaurant social skills in a business setting are a little different from when you are out dining with your family. For example, it is okay to ask for a discount on bad service when you are with your family, but not when you are with a business associate.

If you are meeting someone at a restaurant arrive at least ten minutes early. Be sure to greet them with a friendly business handshake and address the person by their name and make direct eye contact if you are doing business in the United States. Other countries have different social conduct rules so if you are traveling outside of the U.S. it pays to take the time to read up on social customs and etiquette for the country you will be visiting. Read more here.

Great! Now that you have read some tips and guidelines above, you can now be more prepared for upcoming business lunches with our business associates. Remember that you are carrying a company’s name that is why it is important to be mindful of all the details from the planning to the end. It is a business lunch. You don’t have to be all formal but you must maintain some manners and etiquettes especially that you are having a meal. Now, go on and impress your business associates!

Avoid the Following Music Mistakes at Your Wedding

It is your wedding day and you definitely want to mess it up either the wrong choice or absence of music. Irrespective of whether you are music people or not, the kind of music that gets played at your wedding can be quite crucial. A great live band can actually make all the differences between a dull wedding and a memorable wedding. Try To stay away from these mistakes and you will be sure to have a great wedding music.

Sound check is skipped

There could be certain limitations such as restrictions based on the time, sound amplification and power supply based on a type of music that can be played due to the location of the venue. Even though there may not be any regulations, it makes sense to find out from your venue manager about the kind of music that works well for that particular space. Make a plan for a walk through for the band you have hired before the event in case they did not work there earlier. Though it is difficult to appreciate the importance of the walk-through, a professional can quickly spot and resolve any kind of tricky situations by doing a sound check.

Beginning the wedding ceremony in absolute silence

Usually, a majority of the guests reach about 20 minutes to half an hour before the wedding ceremony begins. However, the wait appears to be lengthier when there is silence around them. So make sure your ceremony musicians arrive at the venue about twenty minutes before the start of the ceremony. When there is music before the ceremony as well as in between, it is a signal to the guests that they can take their seats or be quiet.

Abandoning the plan of hiring a band prior to doing some homework

It will be your first major music decision to make and you should do it in proper style. In case, the budget is not an issue for your wedding and you fond of live music, you can opt for a band to perform during the ceremony.  However, do not simply dismiss the idea of hiring a band just because you feel it is beyond your budget. You should do some research and try to get advice and referrals from your friends or colleagues. You will definitely find a lot of interesting varieties to entertain your guests on your wedding day.

Wait to meet the musicians till your wedding day

You should try to meet the musicians before your big day. If possible, request for a live performance.

Select the Right Live Band for your Event

Are you planning to include a wedding live band for your special day? Since it will be the biggest day of your life, you just cannot afford to take any risk with the selection of the band. You need to also check whether the band in question will be carrying all their necessary equipment to the venue or not.

Here are some if the things to consider while selecting a live band for any special occasion.


When you chose the band, you need to know whether the band has the necessary video or sound files and a list of testimonials and clients for you to browse through on their website. In fact, a professional live band will definitely have these credentials send no qualms about sharing them with you. Moreover, such details will allow the event organizer to find out whether the said band is up to mark to perform at the event and will receive good reviews or not. However, the band could be selective about what they put on their site and give access to the general public. In fact, today, social media platforms are an excellent way for validating the band’s quality of performance. A majority of reputable bands have their own social media pages and comments from those people who have watched them performing live.

Compliance requirements

You need to also check whether your short-listed bands have purchased public liability insurance or not. Have they gone through the necessary risk assessments! These are the basic requirements in a majority of commercial venues and they need to see them before the start of the band’s performance.

Know about the band’s playlist

Is the playlist of the band versatile enough to cater to the moods and requests of the audience who will be present at an event? A professional and reputable band that frequently perform at ‘tailored’ events and corporate parties usually have a long playlist that they can tweak in order to cater to the requirements of the attendees at the events. After all, it is extremely important to take into account all age groups, cultures and varied tastes and thus equipped at managing diverse people who will watch them perform live.

Can the venue facilitate the needs of the band?

You need to also find out whether the concerned venue can cater to specific requirements of the band for the event. Many professional bands usually make their rider requirements and technical specifications clear.

Which is better? A vocalist or instrumental music

This question has no real right answer and purely depends on your idea of good music is. However, when we talk about choosing a wedding music band it is important that you consider all the available options and choose the type of music that will compliment the type of wedding that you want to have.

There are several parts of a wedding and at these times there are different kinds of music that is played so that the wedding is a success. By alternating between an instrumental band and having a vocalist join the band at different times you can get the perfect balance of music that you need during your wedding.

The best time for an instrumental band

Most of the time the guest show up early and have to wait for a while before the ceremony can start. It is important that you have some soft music that can carry on in the background while these guests who have arrived early interact with each other. If there was only silence during this period 20 mins wait for the start of the ceremony can feel like it is 2 hours. It is also easier to control the guest with the use of the music rather than trying to tell them what to do when. It is easier for the guests to know that the ceremony is about to start when there is a change in the tempo of the music and they take their places. In the same way, after the ceremony is over and the guests are leaving that area and going into the reception area the instrumental band can play soft soothing music so that there isn’t silence. Another good time for instrumental music is during dinner time as this will not hamper any conversation at the dinner table.

The best time to have a vocalist

A vocalist is mainly required when the guests are dancing and to make the environment more energetic and to encourage more guests to get onto the dance floor and participate. They can also sing songs on request. They can also sing songs for the children to dance to so that they do not feel left out.

The benefit that you get by choosing to have a Live Band at the wedding is that they are versatile and can cater to all your musical needs and make your wedding day the wedding of your dreams.