How Thermage Skin Tightening Differs from Other Aesthetic Treatments

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Thermage cosmetic treatment is gaining popularity in Singapore, with more people opting for it over other non-invasive aesthetic treatments. What makes this treatment favorable, and how different is it from other cosmetic treatments? Read more about it here at Privé Clinic’s Thermage Treatment CPT offering page.

The Application Process

The main difference between Thermage treatment and other non-invasive treatments is in the application. Thermage treatment involves the use of radiofrequency heat on the skin to stimulate the collagen-rich layers. As more collagen starts growing, the skin gradually becomes smoother. It is the only non-invasive cosmetic treatment that works on the skin’s inner layers with the aim of seeing the result on the outer skin. Other non-invasive treatments, like lasers and fillers, work on the outer skin. 

A single treatment is sometimes enough

Most of the non-invasive cosmetic treatments need several sessions for the skin to start showing significant improvement. Many people who go for the Thermage treatment begin seeing results immediately after the first sessions. Additionally, the skin keeps improving over time, without more treatments. 

In some cases, the results remain visible for a year or two. So, for people looking for a procedure that they do once every couple of months or years, Thermage is an excellent choice. It is, however, important to note that how quickly one treatment works, depends on severe the aging process is, and the part of the body that is being treated. 

Thermage requires little preparation before the treatment

Unlike surgical cosmetic treatments and some of the non-invasive treatments, Thermage doesn’t require much preparation. In fact, if you are healthy and walk into a professional’s office, you can get the treatment done the same day. Since it has no downtime, you won’t need to worry about losing more than the time you set aside for the treatment. Some people usually exhibit some side effects, like reddening of the skin and minor swelling, but these disappear in a few hours. 

Thermage works on various body parts

Some of the other non-invasive treatments are targeted. They are specific for the face, but the Thermage treatment can be used on the face, and other parts of the body always affected by a shortfall in collagen production. Examples include the stomach and thighs. 

Results and effects last longer than other non-invasive treatments.

When done correctly and if the results are satisfactory, skin that underwent Thermage treatment will still show visible signs of progress for up to two years. This is because when the epidermis is stimulated to produce collagen, it keeps doing so for a long time until it slows down again. So, as long as collagen is growing, your skin will remain elastic, youthful, and attractive. 

Thermage cosmetic treatment is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment. The heat sensation and cooling effect make the process bearable, even for people who have a low pain threshold. Since the results occur in phases, it is difficult for anyone, unless they know of the treatment, to pinpoint when the change happened. So, if you are concerned about a cosmetic treatment that will have a sudden outcome, you can go for the slow, yet effective Thermage treatment.